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Anika Stewart


Senior Paralegal

Anika's organization, attention to detail, professionalism, and interpersonal skills make her an invaluable part of the DLG team and a favorite of our clients. Anika has well over a decade of paralegal experience and a knack for problem solving, so it is not coincidence that she always seems to be able to find the best way to get things done! 

Why I Do This Work

My favorite success story begins when I first met a former client in 2012. She showed up to the office looking rough and it was clear she had a severe drug problem. We were about the same age, but life had been much harder on her. As it turns out, she had a heroin addiction that she could not overcome despite previous rounds in treatment. She also had a new felony charge and was likely get revoked on a deferred prosecution. She ended up doing some jail time but came out looking healthier and seemingly happy to be clean. As addiction issues go, within a year or so she was back with a new offense and had relapsed badly. I remember getting regular jail calls from her, crying and begging me to call her brother and friends to see if they would bail her out of jail. Her family had almost completely given up on her and we were the only ones she could reach out to. She eventually got out of custody, but had trouble turning things around. We organized an intervention and pleaded with her to get help, but she refused. The next day she called crying and saying she made a mistake and wanted to go to treatment that day if we could help her. We secured a bed date, drove to pick her up and got her to in-patient treatment. She successfully completed treatment and is now almost three years clean and sober. I'm still in contact with her to this day and witnessing the transformation she has undergone is why I love this job. It is a privilege to be even a small part of someone's transformation as we try to guide them


I started my career working in a small boutique firm that handled everything from immigration to family law to bankruptcy to personal injury. I then moved on to a paralegal role for over 10 years at a top criminal defense firm in Seattle. It was in this role that I learned to love this work. When that position was coming to an end, I was excited to bring my experience to Dellino Law Group and join this already incredible team.

I grew up in the Seattle area and love living here. I enjoy spending my free time traveling and being outdoors near the water (any body of water will do) with my friends, family and dog. I love being part of people's stories and connecting with them as they go through often difficult circumstances.

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