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Posted by Michelle Dellino | Feb 28, 2015 | 0Comments

Description: Our client was cited for an enhanced DUI (BAC > .15) after a multi-car accident. The client also had a warrant stemming from a DUI four years prior. After getting the client's warrant quashed, investigation revealed evidentiary issues. We were able to get the prosecutor to agree to reduce the charge from DUI to a single traffic infraction (Negligent Driving in the Second Degree) and resolve the case almost immediately.

The client had moved out of state and later found that there was an outstanding warrant from a DUI arrest four years prior that she never knew resulted in formal charges. Having an address that was not updated is not uncommon, and in this instance it caused a court summons to get lost in the mail and led to the issuance of a warrant. We were able to find significant evidentiary issues undermining the State's case. Ultimately we were able to help this client avoid not only a DUI, but any criminal conviction at all.

Outcome: Enhanced DUI (>.15) was reduced to a single traffic infraction (Negligent Driving in the Second Degree)

Message:  Being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving can be a terrifying and traumatic experience. You might find yourself with stress and anxiety about how this will affect your job, your driving record, your criminal record, your pocketbook, and even your relationships. It is essential that you know your rights and have support in determining the best way to proceed. Time is of the essence. Your DUI attorney must act with urgency, effectiveness, and competence in order to minimize, or eliminate the consequences of a DUI could have on your livelihood.

Dellino Law Group is prepared to utilize our knowledge and experience to reach the best possible outcome in your case. We will do everything in our power to protect your rights, your future, and your freedom. Contact our experienced attorneys today for a Free DUI Consultation.


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