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Beat my DUI case!

I hired the Dellino law group back in May 2014 after I was arrested with a DUI. I called Michelle up the next morning after coming home from the police station. She offered to meet me that next day near my house since I had no transportation given that my car was still on a mandatory hold. I met with the Dellino law group that Monday and they gave me a lot of resources and information to help with my case. I really liked how thorough they were in my case, down to what kind of shoes I was wearing that evening I was arrested and were constantly looking for faults and flaws done by the arresting officers. All my emails were answered quickly and always felt very prepared for court. Defiantly eased my mind. The Dellino law group encouraged that I took the initiative of my case and get things done early before the court even asked for them, making me look organized and on top of things in the courts perspective. I had a total of 3 court appearances. Each time in court they were; very prepared and professional, focused on key points that helped my case, and enjoyable conversations during the waiting time. My end result of my cases ended up getting my DUI lessened to reckless driving as well as my MANDATORY 1 day in jail dropped to 20 hours of community service. I will be calling them again if I ever need any kind of legal help or advice in the future.

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