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Jorge Ramos



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Associate Attorney
Jorge Ramos is an Associate Attorney at Dellino Law Group. Jorge understands that family law can put a significant pressure on not only his clients, but everyone involved. He always works hard to effectively represent his clients, treating each one of his clients as people and doing everything he can to understand their positions and needs.

Having worked at both small and large family law firms, Jorge understands the way the legal system functions, and is skilled at making it function for his clients. His preparation and experience will leave you confident when walking into a courtroom or mediation proceeding with Jorge on your side.


Prior to becoming an attorney, I obtained my undergraduate degree from the University of Washington. I then went on to earn my Juris Doctor is degree from the Seattle University School of Law while serving as a member of the Latino Law Association and volunteering at the Law Clinic.

I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I believe that I am a natural leader and mentor, empowering those around me so that they can reach their full potential. I want to see all of my clients do well and achieve the goals they have set for themselves in the legal system.

My list of accomplishments includes having served at the President and Vice President of the South King County Bar Association; routinely delivering speaking engagements for crowds of 150+ people; having been featured on numerous radio stations; and numerous
published articles.

About Me

Born and raised in the Seattle area, my community matters to me. I felt a draw to the legal profession because it gave me an ability to affect people's lives in a way that other professions simply could not. I realized after a few years, through a lot of self-reflection and growth, that family law was my passion.

I genuinely believe that our family's condition reflects our community's strength. I understand that I cannot fix families, but I have the amazing ability to soften the landing on their new reality. No one wants to have a broken home; people look back and wonder if they could have saved their relationships. My goal as your attorney is to strengthen your relationship with your family even through this most difficult time. It is something I truly cherish and view as an honor to do for a living.

My experience has allowed me to represent people throughout all stages of life. I have represented single mothers fighting for child support and wealthy people worried about their pension. All cases matter and all clients deserve my undivided attention.

Those are my promises to my clients. My years of experience are yielding a deep understanding of the complexities of family law. You will get a realistic outlook when we first meet and a tenacious work ethic. I will make sure that the people who want to rebuild their families will start as soon as we formalize our collaboration.

It will not always be easy. We will face up and downs. But I promise to lead you throughout the entire case, keeping you updated throughout the process. My clients are not just another case number, they have names and matter to me. It would be an honor to represent you.


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