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Rebecca Mader



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Associate Attorney

Rebecca Mader is an Associate Attorney at Dellino Law Group. Since beginning practicing law in 2012 she has been in varying areas of highly contested civil litigation. She is licensed in eight states and has seen it all. She focuses on complex family law matters including high conflict dissolution cases, serious child custody disputes, protection orders, and more. She discovered her passion for family law early in her career, and enjoys applying her litigation and negotiation skills in ways that help her clients achieve the best possible outcome.

My Approach

You're probably here because of a change, or an impending change, in your life. Change, and the unknown, can be scary. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that while it may be difficult for a time, you will come out of whatever you are going through as a stronger person, ready to jump into the next chapter of your life. Nobody begins a relationship thinking that it may someday end, or will turn into something painful and antagonistic. Nevertheless, the odds are that we will all encounter it at some point. I have been there too.

I am always available to my clients and coworkers. I will always be on your side, and will fight for you. Throughout the course of representation, whether you need a confidant, a safe place to vent, or a zealous and passionate advocate in the courtroom, I will be here for you.


I was born in Washington State as an army brat out of Fort Lewis. My family later moved to Anchorage, AK. I have always thought of both states as home accordingly. When I'm not working for you and your family, I'm spending time with mine (including our two rambunctious rescue pups, Homer and Kodiak).

Things that I love: animals, traveling, hiking up the steepest mountains I can find, trail running, cooking, antiques, scuba diving, exploring new cities and countries, and Gudetama.

Things that I do not love: dishonesty, carpet, miniature food, crunchy cookies, and any team that Tom Brady plays for.

That's enough about me. I want to hear about you! I want to figure out what we can do to help you through whatever you are dealing with: from prenuptial agreements intended to keep your soon to be marriage conflict-free, to separation and divorce, child custody issues, protective orders, and everything in between.


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