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What Is An Ignition Interlock Device And Will I Have To Use One?


An interlock ignition device (IID) prevents a driver from driving a motor vehicle if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is over a specified limit. The driver must check their BAC by blowing into the device before turning the ignition key. Should the driver's BAC be above the specified limit, the vehicle will not start. The device permits a driver whose license has been suspended or revoked for an alcohol or drug offense to operate a motor vehicle. If an IID is ordered for a person, every vehicle they drive is required to have the device, including vehicles for their work. Waivers are available for work vehicles, but not for vehicles designated commercial vehicles under Washington law.

After the vehicle's engine has been started, the device requires additional samples from the driver. These prevent the driver from drinking either inside or outside of the vehicle while it is running. They are known as running or rolling tests. The device allows sufficient time for the driver to pull over to perform the running test. Should a driver fail a running test, enough time is also given to move the vehicle out of traffic.

Ignition interlock devices are a very viable alternative to no driving whatever suspension or revocation. All ignition interlock devices have a data log. These logs record dates and times of all attempts to start a vehicle along with rolling tests and breath testing results. The data contained in the log can be reviewed by probation departments or courts. If restrictions imposed by a court or probation department are violated, additional penalties can be imposed.

If the device was court ordered in sentencing for a DUI or being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence, you'll need to use it for one year, provided that it's your first ignition interlock order. If it is your second interlock order, you need to use it for five years. Three or more orders results in 10 years. Even convictions for negligent or reckless driving can result in a court ordered IID, particularly if it is an alcohol-based conviction.

At the end of the term for using the IID, a person can only have it removed if they meet certain requirements. During the period of IID use, they cannot have had a BAC of .04 or over. They were required to be in full compliance with the maintenance schedule for the device. They cannot have failed any test or retest.

Ignition interlock devices are very viable and practical alternatives to no driving suspensions or revocations for alcohol related offenses. History has proven that people are going to drive anyhow, no matter what the status of their license is. With the IID, there's significantly less chance of driving under the influence and recidivism.  If you have been arrested for a DUI and issued an ignition interlock device in Seattle, contact Dellino Law Group today for a legal consultation.

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