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Seattle Traffic Attorney

Before simply paying your speeding ticket, reckless driving, moving violation or other traffic ticket and admitting the violation, call our experienced Seattle traffic attorneys!

Our Seattle law firm's traffic infraction defense practice is grounded in Michelle Dellino's passion for finding creative solutions and aggressively defending every traffic ticket. Michelle has done trainings for other traffic attorneys and law students in excelling at traffic infraction defense, written a manual on defending traffic infractions, handled thousands of traffic infractions in Washington over the past four years with a success rate of keeping tickets off her client's records over 98%.

In many instances a traffic ticket can be dismissed either in arguments before the court or in negotiations with prosecutors. Other times, when the case may not be likely to win dismissal,  our Seattle traffic attorneys keep fighting and find legal arguments to make in negotiating with prosecutors to reduce the ticket to a non-moving violation that is not reportable to insurance companies or employers and will protect your record. We treat each and every ticket as if it were our own.

Call Dellino Law group today to get started beating your Seattle area traffic ticket to protect your insurance rates, privilege to drive, and maybe even your job.

Do not take a risk of having your traffic ticket found committed. Do not simply pay the ticket and see your rates rise.

There are many legal and procedural requirements that must be met in order for the State or City to prove the case against you and for a court to find that you committed the infraction with which you are charged. Our Seattle traffic attorneys have handled thousands of traffic tickets all over Washington State. We are very good at what we do. We treat each and every ticket as if it were our own. Our firm believes in leaving no stone unturned in fighting your ticket and will exhaust all possibilities.

Why Hire a Seattle Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Traffic tickets are big business for law enforcement. Last year there were over 225,000 traffic infractions issued in Washington State. Many people elect to simply pay their tickets, but the reasons to fight your traffic ticket are numerous. Many people do not realize that even ONE traffic ticket on their driving record can potentially increase insurance premiums for 3 years! Those who drive for a living either as CDL holders or non-commercial drivers, a ticket can not only cause higher insurance rates, but in some instances can be disastrous and lead to the loss of a CDL license or job.

When a moving violation such as speeding, school zone tickets, improper lane change, failure to yield, and others, are found committed the court sends notice to the Department of Licensing. Moving violations are available on your driving abstract that insurance carriers review every time your policy is renewed, a change is made, or sometimes just because. Every moving violation reported stays on your driving abstract for 3 years. Insurance companies see these violations and an increase in premiums typically results. Some insurance carriers will even cancel the policy of an insured when more than one traffic ticket is reported.

Our experienced Seattle traffic attorneys provide legal representation for individuals that have received traffic violations in Seattle, Tacoma, Federal Way, Kent, Redmond, Bremerton, Poulsbo, Lynnwood, Everett, Marysville, Bothell, Sammamish, Renton, Burien, Monroe, Issaquah, Lakewood, Puyallup, Port Orchard, Pierce County, Snohomish County and Thurston County.

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