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Vanessa Moore


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Associate Attorney

Vanessa Moore is an Associate Attorney at Dellino Law Group. Her passion in the legal field began as a child and has brought her into legal positions in many different fields. Vanessa is an experienced attorney who has focused on complex family law issues, such as multi-jurisdictional custody battles, long-term marriages, high asset dissolutions, and issues involving abuse. Vanessa truly cares about her client's well-being and will work hard to make sure her clients are heard.

Working With Me

I believe that every person has a story to tell, I will listen compassionately and truly listen and hear my clients. At the same time, I am honest and will not set my client's up to fail, I prefer to set realistic expectations and over deliver rather than make impossible promises and under deliver. I prefer open lines of communication with my client, if you have a question just ask. Family law is best described by taking it day to day, each day your case will change, and I will adapt to each change as it comes.

Passion for Family Law

As a small child my parents went through a highly litigated divorce, it was those moments that sealed my destiny. I knew I was going to be a lawyer and someday work with families just like mine. I was inspired by the ability of the lawyers to objectively provide advice, passionately advocate, and command respect from both opposing counsel and the parties themselves. Since then I have dedicated myself to become an exceptional attorney. During High School I completed a report batter women syndrome and it's impacts on the law. While in undergraduate studies I completed a semester in Washington D.C working with attorneys and politicians. In Law School, I practice law for an entire year gaining valuable experience under the supervision of an attorney. I strive to be an exceptional attorney not just for my clients, but for the myself and the legal field in general.


I am a Vancouver, BC, Canada native, born to an Indian immigrant father and Caucasian mother. My family moved to Virginia after my parent's divorce and spent several years living on the east coast. Afterwards moving to Seattle, WA where I have resided ever since. I consider myself a Pacific Northwest native with a splash of southern charm and hospitality.

I am a double graduate from Seattle University and Seattle University School of Law with a double bachelors (political science and humanities) and juris doctorate degree. I practiced at a civil litigation/family law firm prior to joining Dellino Law Group. My work history includes legal staff support for small family law firms, non-profit groups, big tech companies and customer service experience at large retailers. I have been a receptionist, nanny, personal shopper, trainer, paralegal and everything in-between.

I enjoy cooking for my loved ones including baking my own bread, hiking and camping with my dog Pickles, and dancing. My life goals include traveling to 50 different countries, joining my husband on a sailing crew, and entering a cooking competition (preferably Chopped).

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